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Flat   stand up   spray


Flat Bed Tanning

Flatbed tanning allows you to rest and relax while you get your tan. It’s a more traditional experience and is one of the most popular choices for tanning enthusiasts.

Standing Unit

Stand-up tanning beds work just like our lay-down ones. They use special fluorescent lamps behind acrylic that emit ultraviolet light that activates the melanin in your skin, giving you the color
and glow that you’ve always wanted.

Organic Spray-on

Our organic spray tans leave your skin with a beatiful, natural color.

Tanning memberships

Lay Down 


Unlimited Flatbed Tanning

Boosts Serotonin

Relaxing and Meditative 

Great Pricing

Increases Vitamin D



Stand Up


Unlimited Tanning

No Contact Tanning

Less Enclosed 

Covers Entire Body

Boosts Serotonin

Increases Vitamin D



Tanning prices & packages- 


Level 2 unlimited monthly tanning package $ 60 
Level 3 Stand Up Unlimited package     $ 90 
Level 3 Stand Up 10 Tanning Sessions for 2 months $ 70 

22 Tans Level 2 $ 100 

Cocktail Tanning $ 60 (Spray & lamp; Bed Combo) 
Single Day Level 2 walk in $ 10  
Single Day Level 3 walk in $ 15 
Spray Tan $ 50 
2 Spray Tans $ 75 
3 Spray Tans $ 115

Organic Spray tan

Get that beautiful beach glow without having to stay hours in the sun. Organic, safe and beautiful, book now!